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Light up your ride’s style and visibility with our custom lighting solutions. Whether you want that city streets underglow look or the off-road bright lights, our range of lighting accessories is designed to suit all kinds of vehicles. We’re here to guide you through choosing the perfect lights that’ll make your ride stand out.

Rock Lights & Underglow

Add a dramatic flair to your vehicle with our rock lights and underglow kits. Ideal for off-roaders or anyone looking to make a statement, these lights not only look spectacular but also improve visibility under your vehicle. Perfect for showcasing your ride at car shows or enhancing its off-road capabilities in low-light conditions.

Wheel Lights

Turn heads with our dynamic wheel lights. These lights encircle your rims, casting a vibrant glow that accentuates your wheels. Whether you’re cruising the streets or parked, our wheel lights are sure to grab attention and give your vehicle a unique and customized look.

Light Bars

Our rugged and powerful light bars are a game-changer for those who venture off the beaten path. Providing broad, bright illumination, they’re essential for night-time off-roading, camping, or any situation where extra visibility is needed. Our light bars are built tough to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring reliability when you need it most.

Fog Lights

Great for those who want that extra light without a huge bar. Enhance your driving safety in harsh weather conditions with our high-performance fog lights. Designed to cut through fog, rain, or snow, these lights improve your visibility and reaction time on the road. They’re not just functional; they add a sleek, refined look to your vehicle’s front profile.

Lighting Brands We Work With

We also work with many other brands and parts you supply, although we recommend calling before making any purchases. Give us a call and plan your build now.

Get Your Custom Lighting Accessories Now

Ready to upgrade your ride? Our team of experts is eager to show you the latest in custom lighting accessories. Whether it’s for style, performance, or practicality, we’ve got what you need. Stop by or give us a call, and let’s turn your custom lighting dreams into reality!

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Lighting

Yes, rock lights and underglow kits are versatile and can be installed on a wide range of vehicles, from off-road trucks to street cars, adding a unique flair to any ride.

Absolutely! Most of our underglow and rock light kits come with customizable color options, allowing you to select and change colors based on your preference. Just be careful, as in some states, specific colors or any underglow can be illegal.

Fog lights have a unique beam pattern and are positioned lower on the vehicle to cut through fog, rain, or snow, improving visibility and safety in poor weather conditions.

You absolutely can! We offer several truck bumpers that have light bars built in.

Some Of Our Custom Lighting Builds

Custom Lifted f250

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